Monday, October 22, 2012


Today in school, I was reminded of something that is very dear to me.
Super Mario Galaxy.
Now to get a better understanding of why this game is so special, you need to get an understanding of me.
I love Space. I mean, I LOVE space.
It has always interested me, and this game just felt unreal as to how awesome it was. (and still is!)
When I finally got this game 4 years ago, I was obsessed.
One of my most vivid memories of this game is staying up all night with my best friend, with some Gatorade Rain, in my sister's room.
My sister was in her freshman year of college (and we weren't supposed to be in there! shh), but we had a blast.
It's really odd thinking back to the times when I had less stress and less to focus on.
I just love reminiscing about things that bring me happiness.
What are some of your favorite memories?


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