Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Day in the Life

Hello everyone! :)
Again, I can make as many excuses as I want about not being able to post but that doesn't change the fact that I haven't been posting!
My room is FINALLY almost finished! We just need to put in the doors, the carpet, and paint the walls. I AM SO EXCITED!
If you were not informed, I am currently living in our "office" on a blow up mattress. It's awful. But hey, at least I have a bed.
Anyway, for my photography club we were assigned to take a camera around with us one day and take a photo set themed as A Day in the Life.

Rather than taking my digital camera I decided to do something a little different.
A while back my friend and I found a Goodwill selling expired disposable cameras, so of course I bought a few.
All of the pictures below were taken on one of these cameras. Some of them turned out so pretty and others look like utter crap.
Here is the result!

Fell asleep with the computer next to me, haha.

An unusually warm December day.

Odie. Not a wiener dog but a sausage.

Picking out a tree.

Thrift store!

Unflattering angle of my legs!

Our weeping angel.

Lunch at a pub.

Crafting at night!

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