Monday, November 19, 2012

Out-erwear for the Out-Going

Each of these coats I found on the--of course--marvelous website of Modcloth. I'll say it a thousand times: I am in LOVE with this website.
I have probably spent around $300 dollars on clothing from this website alone. Whenever I'm feeling a little drained fashion or creativity wise, I take a quick peak at some of their items and it always gives me some inspiration.
 I would wear every one of these coats until the stitches rip, they are just so adorable. Anything with "fur" is faux and vegan! So if you thought that would prevent you, you're in luck! Anyway, sorry this post is a little short and quick but I'm at school (en la classe de francaise) and I have no ability to creat collages and whatnot.

 Yesterday, I went to a flea market and I picked up some pretty fantastic stuff, so either today or tomorrow I will be posting pictures/prices. Possibly a thrift with me post?
Regardless, you're all lovely and I will talk to you soon!

 Au Revoir


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