Tuesday, November 13, 2012

DIY Floral Crown

Well, I stayed home from school sick today so I decided to post another DIY!
This time it's for those floral crowns that everyone seems to be wearing.
I personally love the look of these headbands, even though some find them a little overbearing.

1. Flowers of your choice, at least 5 recommended with metal stems
2. Any old headband
3. Scissors/pliers and floral tape

For your flowers you have complete freedom in what you want to add. I went with sunflowers because they are my favorite flower. If I were to make another crown, I would probably mix it up more and probably add smaller things like leaves and what not.
I found my headband at my local thrift store for 50 cents, so I recommend looking at thrift stores or dollar stores for the headbands. They begin to get a little pricier at drugstores.
The flowers and tape were both found at Michaels. The flowers were 3 dollars for the whole bunch, which is a steal because fake flowers can get a little expensive. After going to Michaels  I went to the same thrift store I found the headband at and found 3 buckets full of fake flowers for a tenth of the price at Michaels. 

Step One: Cut the Flowers

Take your pliers/scissors and start to cut where you want. I usually leave around 2 inches of the stem so I have something to tape onto the headband itself. Make sure to cut the stems all around the same length  to make sure the flowers are equally spaced. Once I cut off all of the flowers, I also harvested the leaves from each of the stems to add them to the crown later on.

Step Two: Start Taping!

Take the stem of the flower and bend it either to the right or to the left (it doesn't matter, but make sure you bend all of the stems the same way.) Once you've bent the stem, hold it onto the headband, take a long piece of floral tape and start taping. I usually start at the base of the flower and just wrap it around covering the entire stem of the flower. Once you have one flower taped, start adding even more! 

This is a failed attempt at me trying to show
you what the taping process looks like!
Step Three: Check for Any Loose Flowers

If there are any loose flowers or exposed stems, just go through with the tape and cover them all up. Make sure the flowers are secure so they don't fall off, but also make sure that they're a little loose so they can be adjusted throughout the day.

Before the added leaves

Step Four: Add Any Other Details

With the added leaves

For me, I just added in three of the leaves I took from the original stems of the flowers. I just kind of shoved them in there and added a little bit of tape. I like the extra details because they break up the monotone-ness of the headband and cover up the gaps.

Step Five: Put it on and Bask in Your Craftiness 
Filters optional!
This is what my finished headband looks like! I would pair it with this burnt-orange dress for a very autumn feeling outfit. I'd love to see what your crown looks like! If you make one email me a picture at thefoxinater@gmail.com :)

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  1. so awesome and helpful:3 and you are so pretty meggs!
    <3 nicole

  2. Bianca and I always told you that you had a style of your own!<3 miss you