Sunday, November 11, 2012

DIY No Sew Detachable Collar

Hello hello hello!
I come to you today with a fabulous DIY.
Like the collar trend? Hate the bulkiness of button ups?
Well do I have good news for you!
I am going to show you how to make a collar without the shirt!
The best part?
No sewing involved.

Let's get started!

First and foremost, clear off an empty workspace.
I was limited by the fact that I needed somewhere with natural light, and it was quite dull out today. 
Instead of a table or the floor I did it on a bookshelf, which I advise against.
On the left I have a chest full of little doo-dads and craft stuff and next to that I have a jar full of paintbrushes.
On the right is just a jar full of buttons and random items and (of course) my phone.

Just an old shirt will suffice. 
Next, select the shirt you are going to use.
It can be any old button up shirt, as long as it buttons all of the way up to the collar. The collar can be anything you want it to be. Yellow, red, green, etc. Mine is white because It's what I had available to me.
This shirt is just one of my mom's old work shirts that got a little stained and tatty. The collar was in great condition, so I decided to use this. 

Lay your shirt out on the flat surface, making sure that the collar is completely straight.
It helps if some of the buttons are left done on the bottom so the shirt isn't falling all over the place.

Cut just underneath the seam between the collar and the shirt.
Make sure not to cut the actual collar. 
You want the seam on the collar itself to be as intact as possible. (It looks much better this way!)
Continue to cut just below the seam until the collar is no longer attached to the shirt. 

Then, gather your supplies.
You can apply almost ANYTHING to one of these collars and it look great.
This is all about customization and self expression, so you can do what you like to the collar.
I personally love the look of water color on fabric, so that's exactly what I did.
I gathered water color, paintbrushes, a black marker, and a cup of water.
Now comes the fun.

Start decorating! In my case that was painting. 
In your case, you can do whatever you want.
You can add sequins, buttons, brooches, anything. 
I painted the ends of my collar red and had it gradient up the collar and in the middle I painted it black.

I used a black marker.

To add a little bit more of a personal touch, I also drew little, black cat faces on the ends of the collar. :3I chose cat faces but you draw/paint literally anything on the ends of the collar. 

The finished product!
And it's done!
In the end you're left with an adorable accessory that can change up an outfit so easily. 
This can also be done with other shaped collars, such as peter pan collars.

Shirt-Thrifted Dress-Charlotte Russe
Belt-Forever 21 Collar-DIY
This is how I would wear my collar. Does it give you any ideas?

Till next time!

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